The Solution


The problem at hand is very alarming and needs high attention, but the good news is that there is a simple and ready solution available. It can be realized instantly and revolves around a desirable, multi-functional tool with the potential to improve health, the environment, and combat poverty on a truly global scale.

annapurna unnat chulha

This innovative product has been developed in collaboration with The Energy and resource institute (TERI) and Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi (IIT, Delhi).

 Annapurna Unnat Chulha has the following benefits:

benefits of annapurna unnat chulha


The technology is leading and brings about a huge improvement when compared to traditional, inefficient open fire stoves currently used in villages. Below is a comparison of Annapurna Unnat Chulha and Traditional stoves.

 comparison annpurna unnat chulha


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